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Chris Millington


I have been on expeditons to Kamchatka, Baikal, Shumak and Belukha (2011). Our guides, Uncle Mike (дядя Миша и Женя). Was the best I have ever seen. He was very skillful and helpful in setng up camp and we had a lot of confdence in his navigaton. Our Vysotnik guide and cook, Anna, was excellent.

She was always on-tme with meals, ofered good advice on actvites, and was very knowledgeable. Our tur had some unique destnatons and food requests, and the guides were all able to help us reach the difficult locatons and have our stomachs flled with tasty and healthy food. Everyone in our group learned something new about riding horses – their personality, habits, and abilites in the mountains. I learned many small things from living in nature, navigaton and setng up camp. I really cannot say enough good things about our help. They made our trip something we will never forget.

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